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Cultural Fabric

Elevate your internal consciousness to transform external environments



Coaching and consulting to individuals, higher education institutions, and organizations

in the areas of racial healing, mindful leadership, professional & personal development, and team building.


  • Greater awareness & clarity in personal and/or professional aspects of life

  • Joyful community building

  • Model strategies and approaches to ethically engage others in community or work spaces

  • Identify values underpinning desired culture and path forward

  • Model creating safe, inclusive spaces as containers for conversations with depth & complexity

  • Understand racial healing through embodied experience

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Introductory Consultation

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Office with a View

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Rock Balancing

Applied Mindfulness for Businesses & Communities

Achieve Your Goals

Expert Guidance & Execution

Introduce Balance & Build Capacity

Upcoming Events
Holistic Healing: Theories, Practices, and Social Change Conference
Lesley University,1815 Massachusetts Ave
Continuing the Conversation: Practicing Hope Summit
Harvard Graduate School Of Education

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