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Applied mindfulness personal and professional learning and development. Coaching services for individuals and primarily higher education and health care organizations in the area of mindfulness-based communication for: mindful leadership, racial healing, equity & inclusiveness, and relational balance.


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To create safe space to elevate consciousness, promote racial healing and catalyze social transformation.

Upcoming Events
Going Within: (Midday) Cultural Fabric Meditation Virtual Meet Up
Location is TBD
Going Within: (Evening) Cultural Fabric Meditation Virtual Meet Up
Location is TBD
Weekly Virtual Yoga with Melissa
Online via Google Hangouts Meet
Pass Over at SpeakEasy Stage: Post-Show Healing Sessions to Process Intergenerational Trauma
SpeakEasy Stage Company
Afro-Fusion Dance: Rituals of Resistance Across Space and Time
Washburn Auditorium, Lesley University
Yoga + Community Conversation: Bringing Consciousness to Bias
Northern Essex Community College
Celebrate Toni Morrison: Inspiring Acts, Empowering Truths
St Bartholomew's Episcopal Church
Holistic Healing: Theories, Practices, and Social Change Conference
Lesley University,1815 Massachusetts Ave
Continuing the Conversation: Practicing Hope Summit
Harvard Graduate School Of Education

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What Clients Are Saying

People had a lot to take away from the session. I liked how you approached it and your facilitation created a very impactful experience. It left me in a reflective state about what was shared during conversation with one another, but I also felt a new connection with others, many of whom I did not know, because of the experience we shared. I felt that this was a powerful aspect of the experience.

Amarildo "Lilu" Barbosa | Lesley University | Chief Diversity Officer

As I continue on my personal & professional journey of understanding systemic oppression and privilege, Melissa has been a tremendous thought partner and resource to me. Her framework around healing and human connection has provided profound insights to both the dynamic complexity and delicate nuances of diversity, equity and inclusion work. Melissa's intuition and work is truly powerful and one of a kind.

Sarah Castle | Toast, Inc. | Manager of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

You were such an incredible addition to Unconscious Bias Week at Northern Essex Community College. I have been speaking with the attendees and they've all mentioned they're walking around the halls with a different perspective than before the workshop.

Daniel Keating Jr. | Northern Essex Community College | Student Affairs Committee

In a special workshop that Melissa led at Historic Newton, people with different personal histories found a way to connect with honesty and depth. It was a transformative experience for all who participated.

Clara Silverstein | Historic Newton | Community Engagement Manager