Take a Journey to EASE™ to Transform from the Inside Out

Reclaiming Our Healing

We teach the reclaiming of ancestral healing practices for collective liberation & conscious leadership. 

EASE (Enhanced Awareness for Skillful Evolution)

We lead the integration of mindfulness into daily work & living to tap into the power of enhanced awareness to transform external environments.


To create safe space to elevate consciousness, promote racial healing and catalyze social transformation.


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Jill Goldman Photography

Community Events
Weekly Virtual Yoga with Melissa
Online joining info sent for each session
Going Within: (Midday) Weekly Wed. Meditation Virtual Meet Up
Online joining info sent for each session
Pass Over at SpeakEasy Stage: Post-Show Healing Sessions to Process Intergenerational Trauma
SpeakEasy Stage Company
Afro-Fusion Dance: Rituals of Resistance Across Space and Time
Washburn Auditorium, Lesley University
Yoga + Community Conversation: Bringing Consciousness to Bias
Northern Essex Community College
Celebrate Toni Morrison: Inspiring Acts, Empowering Truths
St Bartholomew's Episcopal Church
Holistic Healing: Theories, Practices, and Social Change Conference
Lesley University,1815 Massachusetts Ave
Continuing the Conversation: Practicing Hope Summit
Harvard Graduate School Of Education

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