Melissa Alexis

Founder, CEO

Lead Facilitator

Namaste! Click here for full bio. Melissa is a mindfulness through movement innovator, equity strategist/coach and highly skilled facilitator. Whether with individuals in communities or within organizations, she is passionate about helping people tap into hidden power and potential in themselves and their environment. She enjoys being a catalyst for others to experience greater awareness and ease.  She teaches mindfulness and movement as communication tools, leading people to achieve a sense of connection and well-being that is sustainable.


Pamela Robinson


Pamela is a natural born coach/facilitator, teacher and life-long learner. The foundation of her practice is in knowing that people inherently have the ability, and the knowledge to teach themselves how to live more joyful, loving lives. Based on her beliefs that "people are their own greatest teachers", she is able to facilitate dialogues that often result in a greater understanding and awareness of oneself, and how one can move forward with that expanded, deeper awareness. 

Advisory Board


Elana Jefferson-Tatum

Elana Jefferson-Tatum, Ph.D. has spent several years as a professor at several colleges and universities including Hobart and William Smith Colleges and Tufts University. Having recentered her life around family, motherhood, community, in addition to being an independent scholar of Africana religious traditions, she is now a proud homeschooling mom, certified hypnobirthing instructor with the Calm Birth School, and full-spectrum doula at her practice Lunar Flow Doula + Hypnobirthing.


Rooted in the principle and practice of birth justice, Elana's birthwork is committed to person-centered, culturally-appropriate care and to supporting birthing people, especially Black, Brown, Indigenous and LGBTQI+ communities, throughout their reproductive journey. She is also passionate about scholarship and teaching that allows Black/African descent peoples to tap into the deep wisdom and knowledge within African and African diaspora ancestral traditions. 


Uma Chandrika Millner

Dr. Chandrika Millner is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Applied Therapies at Lesley University.

Bio to come.


Meghan Holtzman

Meghan Holtzman, M.P.H. is an epidemiologist in Boston, MA.


Photo and bio forthcoming.