Melissa Alexis

Founder, CEO

Lead Facilitator

Namaste! Click here for full bio. Melissa is a mindfulness through movement innovator, equity strategist/coach and highly skilled facilitator. Whether with individuals in communities or within organizations, she is passionate about helping people tap into hidden power and potential in themselves and their environment. She enjoys being a catalyst for others to experience greater awareness and ease.  She teaches mindfulness and movement as communication tools, leading people to achieve a sense of connection and well-being that is sustainable.


NaShaya Wornum

Community Dance Artist in Residence

NaShaya has trained in Hip Hop, African, ballet, and modern dance.  A graduate of Boston Arts Academy, she is mastering Hip Hop’s Popping form at StiggityStackz Worldwide, and is on a mission to captivate the minds of both those who attend concerts in lavish theaters, and those who have yet to step foot in one.  Using a blend of techniques and forms, NaShaya strives to unite people in a global understanding that transcends race, gender and class. She uses her body to speak a language of truth and memory, freeing her students and audiences of the constraints of assumed thinking through the experience of truths.


Pamela Robinson


Pamela is a natural born coach/facilitator, teacher and life-long learner. The foundation of her practice is in knowing that people inherently have the ability, and the knowledge to teach themselves how to live more joyful, loving lives. Based on her beliefs that "people are their own greatest teachers", she is able to facilitate dialogues that often result in a greater understanding and awareness of oneself, and how one can move forward with that expanded, deeper awareness.