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How do Cultural Fabric services support your company in addressing racial equity?

Growth Challenge Examples -

  • Front line workers & leadership support people of color and other historically marginalized people and need tools to equip them to enact racial equity in the approaches to their work.

  • You are part of an organization/institution with staff on the front lines of direct service and you/they face burn out, fatigue, and secondary traumatic stress.  Because of this staff members can either put their guard up, trading relationship building for transactional exchanges, or they internalize the stress making it difficult for them to perform their jobs or making them deem it necessary to leave altogether.

  • Individuals/groups feel a sense of disconnect, non-belonging within the organization.


Solution &  Benefits - 

  • Cultural Fabric shares a mindfulness-based perspective about implementing racial equity, with a focus on racial trauma stored in the body-mind.  We build capacity for front line workers and leaders to:

    • Learn self-care practices that go beyond external activities​

    • Incorporate mindfulness tools into daily routines for the benefit of self & others

    • Learn active, intentional listening

    • Practice the power of presence to transform communication

    • Increase self-awareness to be able to see own limitations/blind spots/biases

    • Build capacity for culturally responsive practices

    • Identify what is underlying central challenges to address them at their root



Healing Arts Institute for Social Transformation™ (HEAI)

  • Intensive mindfulness-based facilitation training for racial healing

Healing Arts Institute for Social Transformation (HEAI) leads participants in critical race inquiry within a healing justice framework. Investigate what wounds and resiliencies remain from the racialized history of the U.S. context, and how the strengths of African diasporic traditions can be used with mindfulness practices to address challenges stemming from racial trauma in our work. Participants are trained in mindful facilitation and guided in creating their own design strategy to implement right away in their environment.


Movement + Community Conversation (customizable)

  • Guided critical dialogue and practice workshop on these topics and more:

    • Embodied Histories​

    • Bringing Consciousness to Bias

    • Examining Hope & Progress

Model creating safe, inclusive space through mindfulness practice followed by dialogue about issues of race/ethnicity with people from a broad range of personal histories.


Coaching & Strategy Consulting

  • One-on-one or small team capacity building and goal setting with accountability - Thought partnership in strategic design and implementation of equity initiatives and people support

Coaching and strategic advising is embedded in HEAI program. Also available separately to build capacity for mindful skills that aid negotiation of racial equity within groups.​