Mindfulness & Meditation Series

Enhance Awareness for Skillful Evolution (E.A.S.E)

  • Bring some EASE to the people and teams in your organization

  • Create safe, inclusive virtual spaces for mindfulness practices, dialogue, and community building

  • Experience how body-mind balance can help support individual growth and organizational/team stabilization, especially during challenging times

Image by Lesly Juarez

HEAL BIPOC-Centered Healing Program

Mindful Facilitation for Social Transformation Certificate Program

  • Explore pathways to self and collective healing

  • Explore the roots of your relationship to intersectional identities

  • Examine social justice within various contexts

  • Integrate a healing justice framework into your approach to your work and relationships

Virtual Team Meeting

Dialogue Facilitation

Conscious Conversations at the Intersection of Mindfulness, DEI, and Mental Wellness

  • Virtual talks and dialogues customized to support teams:

    • Affinity group support

    • Town hall dialogues

    • Mark historical events/celebrations in a meaningful way (e.g. Juneteenth, Black History Month)