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Lighting the Path

Melissa Alexis

Dedicated to helping people transform from the inside out

Melissa Alexis is an entrepreneur, mindfulness through movement innovator, personal and organizational development coach and consultant.


Over a life's work of more than 20 years, thousands of people have experienced the compassion, lightness, and transformative meaning making of Melissa's leadership.  She is a healing justice facilitator, community engagement strategist and equity & organizational development consultant who knows from experience that personal development is a continual practice and the portal to experiential knowledge.  She has been hired by individuals, public and private organizations to bring the utility of heightened awareness to all spheres of life and work. Grounded in the years spent directing arts equity and community engagement programming, Melissa facilitates individuals and groups to get in touch with a physical experience to surpass the theoretical; to really experience so that we can know.  To enter into right relationship with others, she affirms we must first be willing to become aware of our conscious and unconscious conditioning. 


Photo credit (headshot): Jill Goldman Photography