Spiritual Embodiment Coaching

Personal and Professional Development

Using a combination of modalities that heighten awareness and invoke vibrancy and clarity, we tap into and release your inner power in service of clearing the way and stepping onto the path to showing up fully and easefully for yourself and others.


I am a coach and mindfulness through movement practitioner and guide who can support you in tapping into, and turning on, your body-mind's ability to down-regulate stress in order to attune to your spirit. I coach you to navigate life's challenges by shifting your internal consciousness and perspective first.

I truly believe that our body-mind-spirit has natural resources to help us tap into compassion for ourselves, transcend stress in order to connect to the limitless nature of our soul, and continue working towards growth, healing and balance. If you'd like to see whether working together is a good fit, please don't hesitate to book a consult call.

Personal Development



  • One-time or ongoing coaching support for committed, integrated spiritual growth in how you show up in the world

  • Techniques to connect with the body-mind and release internalized stress

  • Supported self-inquiry process to investigate what is dwelling in your inner world, your soul

  • Facilitated integration of what is within, applied to your outward actions (e.g. work life)

  • Increase capacity to bring whole self to environments

  • Ability to navigate complexities of relationship / group dynamics

Mindful Leadership Coaching

Take the Theoretical into Practice


  • Increase listening skills and learn to hold space for people

  • Increase capacity to transform reactivity to proactive problem solving

  • Understand and practice the Power of Presence in relationship building

  • Understand and practice discussing nuanced issues and differing perspectives with vulnerability, authenticity, and respect

  • Build capacity for culturally responsive practices

  • Increase self-awareness to be able to see own limitations/blind spots/biases

Client Testimonials

"Melissa Alexis and Cultural Fabric is truly a special organization, rooted in the ethic of love. Melissa has given me the opportunity to explore my own healing in terms of racial identity as well as tools to cultivate my dreams and goals as a musician, dancer, and healer. The work that Cultural Fabric is doing is cutting-edge and transformative. I am so grateful."

"There is nothing more powerful than the ability to reclaim your body. Through working with Melissa over only four sessions, I have been able to reconnect to my deepest self and embody my true life's visions, including, writing poetry again after years of not tapping into my creative self, clarifying my vision around becoming a doula, and reclaiming my body knowledge through yoga, dance, and movement as central. Melissa, there are no adequate words for how grateful I am for having done this beautiful self-recovery work. Thank you! "

"Melissa's presence is deeply centering for those who feel called to work with her. She really helped me reclaim and re-frame responsibility in my life which helped me deepen relationships with people I love and also confront my fears around building my purpose. With each session, I felt the unfolding which I am deeply grateful for. "