Organizational Learning & Development

How do Cultural Fabric services support your company challenges?

Does this sound familiar:

Challenge -

  • You are part of an organization/institution with staff on the front lines of direct service - primarily in either education, health care, or social service - and you face staff burn out, fatigue, and secondary traumatic stress.  Because of this staff members can either put their guard up, trading relationship building for transactional exchanges, or they internalize the stress making it difficult for them to perform their jobs or making them deem it necessary to leave altogether. 

Solution -

  • Cultural Fabric offers learning and development services that bring frameworks and techniques for continual practice of bringing awareness to these underlying challenges to address them at their root on an individual and collective level.


Movement + Community Conversation: Embodied Histories

  • Together we model and examine the benefits of creating inclusive space for people with a broad range of personal histories.

Lectures/Critical Dialogues

Book Melissa to speak and/or facilitate critical dialogues on these related topics:

  • Alchemy of Hope

  • Bridging Across Difference

  • Embodied Histories

  • Mindful Leadership

  • Self + Community Care

  • The Power of Presence

Community Engagement & Equity Consulting

Identify Core Challenges & Build Strategy

Let's build strategies and solutions to internal/external community engagement and equity with people at the center and our states of being at the heart. 

Community Building Curation

The Awakening Project

We are not just leading workshops, we are building a movement and creating what I call the "army of awakening!"  Join us to experience the benefits.  Mindfulness through movement instructs us how to be...and from that sense of beingness, we can take inspired action.


Contract us to build community where we Live, Work & Play:

Community/Team Building -

  • Half/Full Day Retreat for Teams

  • On-Site Curated Spaces for Self-Care & Healing

  • Mindfulness Instruction & Movement Workshops

  • Mindful Leadership Coaching & More...


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Racial Inquiry & Healing Through Embodiment