Special Programs & Events

Afro-Fusion Dance

Based in rhythms from Africa and the diaspora, Afro-Fusion Dance is a contemporary class where students explore full body expression rooted in West African, Caribbean, and American dance traditions.  All levels and interested adults and young people welcome...focus on wholeness, community, improvisation, fluidity across movement styles, and delicious self-expression. It's about the groove that has kept us steeped in cultural richness and in rituals of resistance against oppression, across space and time.  

Mindfulness Meditation

Insight Meditation (Vipassana) enhances mindfulness by increasing awareness of what is happening while it happens.  Mindfulness Meditation is influenced by the Insight tradition and also utilizes visualization. Participants are guided to focus on their breathing and the senses and to begin to observe thoughts and sensations without judgement.  The attempts* to develop focus and concentration are the practice and participants may experience enhanced focus, awareness, and calm.
*I often hear, "I can't meditate...my mind is too all-over-the-place."  Assurance that minds are often busy and practicing to discover one-pointed focus is an appropriate part of the journey to meditation.

Vinyasa Yoga

An open level vinyasa class offering space for students to practice breath awareness and regulation (pranayama), meditation techniques, and physical postures (asanas).  Offering space for both rigor and relaxation, the class focuses on alignment to explore range of motion of joints and muscles, breathwork to enhance concentration and present moment awareness, and flowing postures to build stamina, strength, and muscle tone.

Upcoming Events

  • Multiple Dates
    Mon, Jan 17
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    Jan 17, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM EST
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  • Mindful Leadership Coaching
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Jan 20
    Zoom link below
    Jan 20, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST
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    Weekly coaching group to address questions of care for self and others, as well as how to bring compassion and mindfulness to the work of racial healing and equity.