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Client Testimonials

Since Cultural Fabric began in 2016, we’ve provided our services to businesses and communities, intentionally cutting across private and public sectors. On every project we undertake, we engage with clients to understand their core needs and goals, and deliver transformative solutions enhancing both individual and organizational well-being. Below are some thoughts shared about our work - take a look, and get in touch to learn more.

Historic Newton

Connecting Across Difference

In a special workshop that Melissa led at Historic Newton, people with different personal histories found a way to connect with honesty and depth. It was a transformative experience for all who participated.
~ Clara Silverstein, Community Engagement Manager

(photo credit: Betsy Bassett)

South End Community Health Center

Creating a Culture of Well-being

Melissa taught participants of varying ages, social and cultural backgrounds. She has a glow and light that shines through her and radiates to those around her.  Melissa helped the group to feel acceptance, openness, and a greater sense of self, as well as gain abilities (both through mind and body) they once thought they were incapable of.
~ Nichole Daly, MS, RD, LDN

Lesley University

Creating Reflective Space for Dialogue

People had a lot to take away from the session...your facilitation created a very impactful experience. It left me in a reflective state about what was shared during conversation with one another, but I also felt a new connection with others, many of whom I did not know, because of the experience we shared. I felt that this was a powerful aspect of the experience.

- Amarildo "Lilu" Barbosa, Chief Diversity Officer

Transform Alliance for Health

Recalibrating Company Culture & Systems

We have worked with Transform since the start up phase, in the company's first year. Our collaboration continued during year four and we assisted in recalibrating company norms and systems during a time of fast growth and development.  We are thrilled that Transform has emerged as a leader in the obesity and lifestyle medicine field.

Northern Essex Community College

You were such an incredible addition to Unconscious Bias Week at Northern Essex Community College. I have been speaking with the attendees and they've all mentioned they're walking around the halls with a different perspective than before the workshop.

~ Daniel Keating Jr., Student Affairs Committee

Educating About Unconscious Bias


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