Who We Are

Values Focused, Inspiring Action

At Cultural Fabric™, we understand that mindfulness, a state of heightened awareness, can be applied to address both personal and organizational development. Since 2016, we’ve been helping companies across varied sectors, individuals, and communities, respond to current issues, including: engaging constituents, shifting culture, creating safe inclusive spaces by building community, racial healing, and co-creating strategies to elevate people of color and people from other historically marginalized backgrounds.

Our overarching mission is to promote self-healing in communities of color across the U.S. and beyond. We use embodied practices, rooted in ancient traditions, to enhance self-awareness, build community, and re-awaken our bodies' innate tools designed to energize and promote vibrancy.


Beginning with building trust and coming to greater awareness, we help transform consciousness and shift culture, from the inside out. 

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